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Heyy y'all! Tällä kertaa höpöttelyä enkuks ah-niin-inspiroivien we<3it kuvien kera (voi nolo xd)!
So today, I decided to post in English, just for you to see how my English skills have developed(and so I could read this when my year's over and laugh my ass off) and so on. I kinda feel that my written English hasn't got really much better since I was pretty fluent already when I left Finland. But anyway sure it's easier to write now, when I'm thinking in English and words just pop up on my mind. So enjoy, and sorry about my crappy photos again..... I don't know what's happened with my phone-addiction, but for some reason I haven't been taking hardly any photos...
Time flies when u r busy, and I'm so glad to say that my first THANKS GIVING BREAK is finally here. Actually we swimmers had a meet on Saturday and Friday and started a day earlier. I wasn't even swimming in the meet since our coach messed up with my exchange student paperwork, but still skipped school, how chill is that!:) We also had so good time before the meet, first we went to Ihop for breakfast and after that to home deposit, just walked around and acted silly.
Today I've just been laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling and making random trips to the kitchen (and getting those awesome American food experiences). After these three months with my crazy swimming schedule and all that tiredness caused by speaking English and trying to fit in American life, doing absolutely nothing at all is like the best thing ever and even just taking naps is so luxury.
Fall is finally coming to Texas too, on some mornings it has even been below 0 (but it has always gotten warm by noon though)  Even though I've always been a summergirl, I'm kinda exited of fall too, especially after that superhot Texan summer. I also found my new favorite Texarkana clothing store, Rue21, and bought too much cute and warm stuff from there. Ready for winter!

Christmas is also coming, and I'm probably more exited than most of kids here! I just don't get what's the deal with these folks and their "let's get first trough Thanksgiving", I could celebrate Christmas all year long.. Anyway we bought stockings on the other day. I was looking all that xmas-stuff, too and saw this remote control-ornament, Americans and their TV-addiction, I'm not suprised... AND thanks mommy for sending me my xmas-calendar, I'm so looking foward opening the first door!
Postman also brought me some rye crisps, and after three months they taste soo yummy! There is good food in America too, there's no better start for morning than Ihop pancakes with good company! And I also found my new fast food fav, Popeyes and it's bit spicy Louisiana-styled food is too good! I'm soo happy to be here in Texarkana and eat all these texmex and Louisiana dishes!

Lately, I've been homesick too, but it've got better since I blocked my Finnish friends on Whatsapp, and started have less contact with them. I really love ya'll to the moon and back, you mean so much more to me than words can even describe, and I just sometimes go crazy when I'm only thinking all those crazy memories we have shared. Anyway, It's only one year in here, and I don't wanna waste my time for being mentally on the other side of the Atlantic. You know how long time I've wanted to go here, and I hope that you know I haven't forgotten you. I'm the luckiest girl ever to have so many amazing people to miss!
We also had our last peprally, which was bonfire on school backyard! American schoolspirit is something that everyone should experience, and it's so sad that the football season is already over, even though I never learned the rules for fooball.. It was just so fun to dance, scream and sing there in games and be part of THS-family. <3

Even though it's been getting better every day, I still have those ups and downs. It's just crazy how little things can make me cry, but also feel happiest and luckiest person ever. And even on the darkest moments, I always know that I'm experiencing things I've so long been dreaming of and that I've even survived pretty good!
I also got my returning date already, and will leave TXK on June 15th, then go to Washington DC and fly back home on 17th. I'm super happy with that, I'll be home by midsummer, but still have time to chill here after school ending! I'm having good time here and I can honestly call this place my home and these people my family, but Helsinki is place where I belong to, and it's lovely to know that all these hard times here won't last forever.
I finally booked my trip to Hawaii (well, tbh my paperwork still needs sing of my arearep..) 29.1 via American Adventures ,anyone? I've always been a beachgirl and sea-lover and really missed seaside here in Texarkana, so surfing, diving and all that stuff is really a dream coming true for me! THANKS MOM and my hard-working summer. <3

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  1. Oi tosi kiva postaus ja kirjotat enkku ihan superhyvin!! :) Haastoin sut muuten mun blogissa!

  2. Moi! Laitoin sulle haasteen blogiin, käy kattomassa ja tee, jos haluat! :)

  3. Haastoin sut mun blogissa! :) http://goo.gl/hZIdsh

  4. When the weather started to get colder in Finlad I got a feeling that I'd like to knit warm socs for X-mas for my daughter far away from home. But the I recalled that it's hot in Texas and didn't do anything. When I saw the picture of socs in the blog I felt myself as retracted, failed and frustrated as a mom )-: .

    1. and that what happens when I'm trying to be big and independed girl...

    2. And you understood though the word 'sock' was written incorrectly )-: What a shame - I didn't know how to correct afterwards..